For those organizations that choose to adopt an innovation, the next phase of the process is the implementation of the innovation (see Figure 2). As depicted in Figure 2, variables that explain the outcomes of the implementation process are likely to span several levels from the innovation itself to characteristics of the dyadic relationship between the CCOE and the adopting organization. The examples provided in Figure 2 for Level 1 through Level 4 predictors of implementation outcomes all are expected to be positively linked to the success of implementation efforts.

Figure 2. Phase II: Hierarchical Model of Factors and Processes Influencing Implementation Outcomes

In summary, two models provide the framework for hypothesis testing. The Phase 1 model (i.e., adoption decision) will be tested with all willing organizations that have been approached by one or more of the four CCOEs. The Phase 2 implementation model will be tested with organizations that have decided to adopt one of the four innovations of interest in this research.

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